Smarthings New/Classic App

Can both apps exist on the same device/phone? Smartthings FAQ’s on the new versus classic app makes it appear that you are not suppose install both and to wait for the transition. I guess I am asking the wrong question being I already have both on the same phone. I guess the question should be what are the consequences? I do know that I now have double notifications and messages. I guess I could turn the notifications off on one app. I also noticed that any changes are global where a change in one app changes in the other app. I installed the new app by mistake to setup a newly purchased Samsung TV.

They can, but certain smart apps , like Smart Home Monitor, are totally separate between the two apps. So the status between them will not sync.

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You Should start thinking about switching to the new app…

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Thanks for the response. I am beginning to feel that if you don’t need to install the new app and don’t like to be figuring things out, don’t install the new app with the classic app. Like I mentioned you get the duplicate text and notifications. Also, like you mentioned you have to figure out which smart apps will transition over. I had a smart app for notifications with the Sonos speaker that transitioned over. If I turned off the smart app notifications for the speaker in the new app it also turned off the notifications in the classic app although in the settings it didn’t appear to. By the way, I like the ability to switch certain smart app routines on or off in the new app instead of having to remove the routine from the classic app. There are a few things I really like in the new app. On the other side is the learning curve and frustrations of possible instabilities.