Can I connect vivint equipment that is not active by vivint will work with smartthing hub?

Vivint equipment work with smartthing hub vivint equipment not activated

So far i was able to unpair the Thermostat from Vivint and added to My Smart Things Hub since it is Zwave

Ok I was able to get the thermostat to work with smartthing just a slow reaction on current temperature. Can smartthing work for the door sensors and motion detector?

So far no luck but i still got a lot to read on the forum. I am new to Smart Things

My old vivint system door sensors and motion sensors were all 345mhz , so they don’t work with smartthings. I bought a newer 2gig panel and set up my alarm system separately to avoid adding a ton of sensors to smartthings. You can only use the door locks , thermostat, and plugs with smartthings.
You can replace the door sensors with z-wave versions if you are determined to use smartthings , but I would not rely on it for a security system.

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Ok cool did you setup the 2gig panel yourself and brand did you go with? Thanks in advance

I did set it up myself. GoControl GC2e and GC3e are newer versions of the vivint panel I had , they can use the 345mhz and the new 345mhz encrypted sensors. You can subscribe to any of several different monitor companie online for 15 bucks a month if you want more than local control. You can use it stand alone if all you want is home alarm while sleeping.

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Ok cool I got the smartthing hub to control my ct30 thermostat now I want to utilize the hub for all its features and get my money worth