Will the Vivint zwave devices work with the Aotech hub v3?

Hello, I did a search about this topic and came across a short discussion but it don’t address that possibility specifically. I had Vivint for several years and then cancelled due to lack of support. I ended up with all kinds of sensors for windows, doors, glass, motion and a few more. I’m new to all this but I heard that the smart things hub v3 also uses Zwave. I’m just wondering if I could use these sensors with it since they are installed around the house and at the moment doing nothing. My apologies if I posted this in the wrong section and any help would be appreciated.

Some will, some may not. The first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“ If you can give us the brand and model number of the devices you’re interested in, we can give you a better answer.

Also note that only some of the Vivint devices, such as some of the light switches, use zwave. Most of the sensors for their security system use a proprietary 345 megahertz frequency which is not zwave and will not work with the SmartThings/Aeotec hub as it does not have a radio on that frequency.


Hello, thanks for the information. I will start collecting the serial numbers, looks like just a few of the devices will work, if I recall the info from an article I read a while ago, but if the window sensors will work that would be great since there are a few of them around the house. UPDATE: 29th Oct 2021. All from 2GIG technologies, here are the model numbers for the:

Carbon Monoxide sensor: 1 each, 2GIG-CO3-345
Glass Sensor: 1 each, 2GIG-GB1-345.
Window Sensor 10: 1 each, 2GIG-DW10-345
Motion Sensor: 1 each, 2GIG-PIR-345

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Any of the 2gig models that end with -345 will unfortunately not work with SmartThings , since those are using the 345 MHz security frequency, and SmartThings doesn’t have that radio. :disappointed_relieved:

Bummer, oh well time to start taking this stuff down! Thanks for the info.

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