Vivint Interaction

Vivint Interaction
  I just bought a SmartThings hub and I already have Vivint security system with a bunch of Smart Devices. Kwikset Deadbolt, Radio Thermostat CT100, and motion detector and Door/window 2GIG-DW10-345 sensors. Can I use these products with the ST Hub and Vivint at the same time?

I doubt it. You can have two “brains” controlling most zwave devices but there has to be a primary and secondary. I would think both of those are primary.

if Vivint supports it you could try joining the hub as a secondary to the Vivinit. It gets a little tricky and not guaranteed to work. Especially if the Vivint hub doesn’t want to play nice.

Thanks guys for the reply. I try playing it. Thanks again.

I’m trying to move from an system which uses the 2gig door / window sensors you mentioned. Were you able to make them work with the ST Hub? I have over 20…hate to toss them. Thanks

Did you guys have any luck with this?