Vivint or 2gig integrations

Hey just wanted to see of anyone was working on something like this. I have the vivint/ 2gig alarm with all the 2 gig sensors. Would love to connect to smarthings to see all these sensors. Otherwise it’s a pain to repurchase something I already have to integrate with st. I have them all door contact,glass break, carbon/smoke, motion. Would be awesome. Thanks in advance!!

The 2gig/Vivint panel uses the Honeywell protocol for all the security-related devices it supports. So your Door contacts, glass break sensors, carbon/smoke alarms and motion all communicate via Honeywell. The panel’s z-wave radio supports connectivity to locks, thermostats and lights.

The 2gig panel is supported as a secondary controller in a z-wave networks. This has been confirmed to work for the Vera Home Automation products but I haven’t seen anyone try it for SmartThings.

In theory, SmartThings should be able to add the 2Gig panel since most of the configuration is on the 2Gig side after you add all your devices. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I’d like someone else to verify it works.

That would be awesome!! I have so many sensors, would love to integrate it. Don’t really care about the zwave in the vivnt don’t use it. Was just hoping to see all the sensors and be able to arm and disarm alarm from ST.

You will not be able to arm from smartthings directly. The only way you can is by setting a rule in to arm the system when you lock a specific lock. If you lock the lock through smartthings it “should” arm the system.

However that’s assuming you can add the 2gig panel to smartthings in the first place.

What did you end up doing here? I have just retired a 2gig Vivint system with apparently incompatible door sensors and glass break sensors… I was hoping to still use them…