Can alexa send messages to another room?

I thought I saw this somewhere, but can’t seem to find it now. Is there something that will allow you to send messages from room to room? Like "Alexa, tell kitchen ‘come down stairs’ " and have it speak “come downstairs” on the alexa device that’s in the kitchen?

ah cool…i knew that “drop in” worked through the mobile app…had no idea you could talk with it though…thanks a lot

Announce feature goes to all echo devices. You can drop in on a specifics device but I am not sure if you can leave or send a message to one device by itself…yet.

does it allow alerts yet via smart things? I’ve been away from the system for almost two years…just ordered 10 switches and ready to get back into everything since I bought a new house

No. However, with a cheap tablet, in my case Fire Tablets, you can use LANnouncer with webCoRE or whatever to send Text to Speech messages and have the tablet connected to an Echo device via Bluetooth.

You can create an Alexa routine that will trigger when you say a phrase to Alexa, and an action can be set to have Alexa say custom text to a specifc device.