Amazon adds long awaited intercom(broadcast) feature to its Alexa-enabled devices


Alexa intercom now working
(Jimmy) #2

Isn’t this more of an announcement feature? Intercom would imply two way, which is Drop In.

(Jimmy) #4

It drop in is two way? The way I read the article is you say something to Alex and it’s then broadcast around to other devices.


It is a broadcasting feature.


I just hope “text to speech” is next :crossed_fingers:


Yup. Tots Mcgoats

(Daniel) #9

Is there currently any way we can make use of this to trigger announcements via smart things?

I’ll currently using big talker at the moment across a number of sonos speakers but I find that it’s not 100% bullet proof, playing music doesn’t always resume or it starts the track over and the announcements are out of sync across multiple speakers.