Button quick controls gone/disappear for newly added devices? (Mar 3, 2020)

Anyone seeing the behavior in the latest version of the new app where when you open the device the quick control section for the button(s) tries to show up, but then if fails? I just added a new Iris single button device, and it joined just fine, but when trying to add any quick control if fails to load the section that allows you to do that. I was able to create an Automation, but I’d rather do it within the device’s page. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Tries to load the quick control section:

Fails and then just loads the basics:

Yes, I’ve had that a few times today, and the quick controls section has been generally sluggish.

Then again I’ve had most things happen with the new app today. All my quick controls on buttons using a custom handler are failing with error messages in toasts, but then as the Automations are completely unable to see the same buttons today that isn’t that surprising (everything else sees them just fine). The dashboard tiles, again for custom handlers, have been a pain all day. If they aren’t showing offline they are showing no status at all, and they aren’t even set to show connection status anyway. They barely show any signs of updating at all. The annoying thing is that because I’ve been messing around with handlers and metadata and Health Check, I can’t even blame the app. Well I can, but I can’t back it up.

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Just went into a couple of mine on iOS and it seems to be behaving ok.

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Thanks for your replies guys, much appreciated.

Today is hub update day. It’s like a blood moon on a Friday the 13th during the Winter solstice. :stuck_out_tongue:

And DTH update day.

Yeah, something happened. I just added a new Iris button, new Innr plug, and new Heiman smoke detector, and all three are missing current state info (like supportedButtonValues) or Data (like meshInfo not even an entry in the list). I have several of those 3 already in place, and you can clearly see the missing stuff when you compare side by side in the IDE. I submitted a support ticket and provided more detail in the firmware release discussion.