Bulb energy offer

Has anyone managed to claim on the bulb energy swap offer by any chance? And if so how long after your official switch date did you get the claim email? Going on 5 days since mine now and no contact, as expected bulb support themselves are clueless on the topic.

yeah, I got them about November last year but I did have problems and had to chase it up with ST support - see Hub and 2 ST plugs for £1 when you sign up to bulb

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Hi Tim, thanks for the reply. How long after the switch date until you had the email? If you can cast your mind back that far!

No chance of remembering :smiley:

But… my gmail conversations suggest about 4 weeks between the ‘welcome to bulb’ email and the chat I had with ST support (Which would have been pretty soon after I received the redemption code - which, weirdly, I can’t find)

As far as I can remember, Bulb pass on your details to Samsung who issue the code. So as long as you signed up throught the Samsung specific URL on bulb.co.uk you should be waiting to hear from Samsung…

Edit: Found a convo with Bulb support where I told them : “Samsung told me they send an email 5 weeks after sign up.”