12 Days of SmartThings

I was on the US mailing list, and was getting the 12 Days of SmartThings daily promotions, but this seemed to be US-only deals. Can someone point me in the direction of the UK equivalent?


Don’t think the marketing department realise we exist. We constantly get these US specific mails.


Oh. Shame.

If any mods/staff see this, one or two days of Christmas offers that people in the UK can take advantage of would be nice. Alternatively, let us sign up for news separately to US-only offers.

I’m signed up to the UK general mailing too, but can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything.

If us Brits are really lucky there might be a 20% discount off some SmartThings devices sale or similar. But from past experience you willl quickly discover that they only have about a total of ten items discounted before it all goes out of stock.

The one or two days of Christmas offers have been and gone Matt. The way the stock trickles (literally) through the appropriate distribution channels. I’d be surprised if there was any more stock this year let alone deals.

I’m not bitter, because I don’t want anything, but I feel for the people who do.

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So far (just received day 3 - US only, btw) it’s been for third party devices so less reason to worry about stock. Not that it helps us at all…

Prepare ourselves for 12 days of rubbing it in our faces that the US gets all the best offers and we cannot buy anything as Samsung have no stock. :sob:

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Its not hard for them to send it to none EU shards. Its annoying me too, US getting loads of offers and we cant even buy SmartThings own stuff!

It makes me think that releasing to the UK was a mistake for them and they are just doing what they can to make it limp along.


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I’m 100% convinced marketing team do not even realise we exist otherwise they would not blanket email like this. If they do then it’s really sloppy work or they think that the UK is part of the US. Either way, not great.

It’s definitely on the radar. The challenge is, for a long time a user signed up for an account, their email when into a single list (regardless of shard). Furthermore, anyone that signed up for updates on smartthings.com was sent to the same list. There are a lot of legacy users that we are not readily able to back out (or risk sending duplicates). We are looking at a path ahead, along with more British marketing.


I suggest it would be helpful for both yourselves and us customers, to provide a link at the bottom of the emails with a subscription preference to help us tell you that we do not want US mailings then. This will help you separate the mailing lists and stop the pain for us seeing all these great offers unavailable to us. :sob:

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Thanks @Aaron, that’s good to hear.

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Samsung did have the “Black Friday” (is anyone else sick of this phrase yet?) deals on for the last two weeks and quite a lot of ST things reduced; it’s ended now though - I got some Motion Sensors for £20 and £40 off the starter kit. Just create an account on the UK Samsung site and subscribe to the marketing emails.

Nice to hear that the non-US people may get a look in but these days it would be great you don’t entice me for an offer and then find out it’s US only as all of them seem to be. Appreciate the data crunching can be tricky but there’s many assumptions you could make or just include a non-US marketing link at the bottom.

Would also be be great if you posted the offers in the Offers area of the community or at least had a single non-US one to help make us feel a little special rather than chasing ghosts

I unsubscribed. Got fed up of all these things being sent, getting excited and then seeing it’s US only.

The latest one with the chance to win some Arlo cameras was particularly annoying.

they are doing a UK one. But its rubbish. No smartthings in sight…

I wonder if ever they will give us a break. In meantime, Im starting to look at other solutions. Cant keep waiting for a wing and a prayer…

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