Bulb energy app stopped working (Oct 2022)

My Bulb energy app has stopped working.
It is showing getting data and has been like this for days.
The bulb smart meter app is showing that it connect.

You may want to contact ST Support to report the issue.

I have done but no reply…
I just thought someone may have had a similar problem.

FYI Mine went off 10:30am this morning. I use Samsung API to get data for British Gas not Bulb. App also not showing data since this morning (Mon 3rd Oct 2022) :frowning_face:

Mine stopped too.

I was told today by smartthings support that bulb app is no longer supported as the agreement with bulb is being terminated.
So looks like no more decent data will be available.

Same reply I got

Looks like Bulb is bought out by Octupus. Will probably happen by end of year.
In the meantime i found an app called Loop and that works fine.
Runs about 2 hours behind but at least i can judge better what energy im using.