Hub and 2 ST plugs for £1 when you sign up to bulb

Morning all, found out this weekend that if you sign up to Bulb Energy using the link below you can buy a Hub and 2 SmartThings Plugs for only £1. I am already a bulb Energy member so no help to me but i did find when i logged into my bulb account, within the account settings there is a link to a Samsung site where i can buy ST Hardware and other Samsung hardware at a discounted price. Always interested in saving money!

Can’t find any links within the app Steve to the st discount items, guess it’s a web login offer

I looked into getting a smart meter from bulb but it seemed way cheaper to stay on a fixed tariff with no bulb smart meter, my kw/h cost is a lot cheaper than with a meter which appears from reading there smart meter tariffs blurb to be almost double what im paying now

Do you have a smart meter ?? How you finding it if so ? We do have a smart meter fitted but it is smets1 which bulb claim might work on there system sometime 2020 although im not holding my breath

HI Fido, no the link to the discount site is within the Bulb account page and you have to login to your bulb account to find it. There was no additional cost to me to have the Smart meter installed and the app on ST just shows me my energy usage in real time so I can see what’s going on when I am out of the house. My tariff I got with Bulb was cheaper than most of the tariffs I looked at so was happy to move to bulb and that’s their vari-fair tariff not the Smart tariff.

Yes the Smats1 meter’s don’t currently provide data to any other provider than the company you had it installed with but I believe this will change sometime in 2020 though don’t quote me on that lol.

Looked and looked and looked Steve, no sign of any links from the web portal for me unfortunately. We are also vari-fair, I did go through with the sign up to read the meter every 30 mins, our smets1 meter is fully smart with a decent ihd so it might be a early candidate for connection, just wish i could find that discount link

It comes up by just clicking on the above. Seems its only open to new customers.
I have Bulb and it seems to be pretty cheap and i’ve had no issues.

Hi David,
I do not have a ST hub and planning to start my home automation project. I also dont know what electricity rates are we getting but I think its been well past the contract end date.
Is this offer (ST hub + 2 plugs) real?
Would you suggest that I should go for it?
I am not interested in monitoring how much energy we are using. I am only interested in a good rate and a free ST kit.
Please advise

NO idea if you should go for it??
They are a decent company and everyone I know has moved to them as “comparatively” they are cheaper than others.
Just do a price comparison…

It’s definitely real. I have the hub and plugs

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