Bulb Energy Customer - IHD6 Chameleon Device No Gas Reading

Can anyone help. Im a bulb customer and i connected my IHD6 chameleon monitor to smartthings so can see my energy usuage remotely.

The device connected to smartthings no issues however I am receiving electric usage on the app and it reflects correctly looking at the in home display however when i swipe over on the app to the gas section, there is no gas readings or gas usuage showing at all.

Am I missing something ? Have done something wrong ? Why isnt my gas usage showing on the app as I’m clearly using gas at home.

Can someone please help, cant seem to find any answers anywhere and I’ve looked.

Thank you.

You might want to ask as well in this thread :

I’m stil waiting for Bulb to decide if they will fit me a Gen2 gas & electric smart meter. Initially they promised them to me (I had a Gen1 electric, no gas smart meter) but are now dragging their heels

Did you ask this question to Bulb support too ? AFAIK they wrote the plugin

Did you ever resolve this. I had it all working fine with Gas and Electric. I deleted the ‘SmartThings Energy Control’ and reinstalled it and now I only get electric ??

I too only get electricity readings etc on the SmartThings app despite gas working fine on my Bulb IHD6 device. Looking in device history it shows electricity readings at 1 minute intervals. I did notice a rogue gas reading a couple of days ago though. But nothing before or since and no option for a gas usage graph etc.

Any ideas please?