Can I now connect my Smart Meter to SmartThings?

Has anyone seen this appear in the SmartThings App? It says I can connect my smart meter to manage my energy. It’s showing blank for me now but maybe it just needs to sync, so I’ll keep you posted over the weekend. Anyone else using it?


I saw a post about this at Instagram yrsterday. I’m interested. Already using SmartThings Home Monitor SmartThings Clothing Care and SmartThings Pet.


I found this too. Just showing as 0.0kW right now…. from what it says I should start seeing my electric tomorrow… has anyone seen any real readout from it yet?

I have a chamelian IHD3 and with bulb but a SECURE LIBERTY SMETS1 meter so couldn’t connect through the bulb energy monitor saying I had invalid GUID. I tried this chamelian one but now its no compatible meter in my home. The Chamelian IHD3-CAD gives me the 10second updates and signing up to use app are able to get the usage to me better than the suppliers of the energy and IHD. I expected this not to work TBH.

if you are referring to the house power meter, you wont be able to connect to that. the only way you can access that info is thru your power utilities portal.

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This looks like the official product page… Samsung SmartThings Energy Control | Samsung UK

We are in the UK with Bulb, have been for 4 years plus, sadly we have Smets1 meters from Landis Glyr, Bulb have been woefull on there efforts to update and adopt our meters, there have been multiple adoption deadlines missed, I have now given up with the hope of ever saving energy with my supplier and the ST app

In my view it appears suppliers really do not want users to have finite control of there useage and costs, why should they, it just means they loose money

The more complex there billing is and the less control you have is what they want

I fully expect them to go bust any day now due to the energy crisis here

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Not appeared in my app but on the Chameleon website the usual corporate blurb says coming in the next few months !!

Just going to add this as I was looking if it was available - although I couldn’t find any details I randomly searched for Chameleon…

I followed the process and had to upload a PDF (I’m not a bulb member) and it all went through and is now showing as connected:

At the moment I can’t see anything - apparently it can take 48 hours - be great if it starts showing all the information.

Fingers crossed it works for you :+1:
Keep us updated

I’ve has this running for a while now. The only problem is that that although the kw/h figures are accurate the associated cost is not as they estimate your unit price, which in my case is a fair way off. It would be good if you could input your actual pence per unit data.

Your the first person I have seen that has it working ish… so if you cannot input your unit cost how does it calculate the total, is it just some random guess they use ?

Yes it’s a guess. It’s says they use the average cost of electricity in your area.

You can put your own unit cost in from the settings. Go settings > billing settings > set custom cost.

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I hadn’t seen that, well spotted :grin: