Energy app is working!

Here is a little surprise, the Smartthings energy app found in the (life) section is now working for me ?

I know i am not enrolled onto the DCC network yet as the Smartthings Chamelion device Smart meter shows zero energy readings and my supplier app does not even have an electric meter section for us, only Gas which corollates to what we see on our Smets1 IHD

I have many questions on this app

  1. I did try to add my Smets1 smart meter yet again into the Chamelion device, surprisingly it added successfully but here is the oddity, my Smets1 electric meter is not enrolled yet to the DCC network only gas is

  2. The app says at the top measurements are being taken from your new Smart meter ?? I dont have a new meter sooo…

  3. Why is Uswitch involved, the information tab shows Uswitch t&c ??

Can any of you use it now ?

I am a little confused as to why, how and what it is measuring but previously it was Samsung appliances only… now it seems not so

All said and done, if it is working accurately i very much appreciate Smartthings and Chamelions work on this app, especially with the issues currently found in the Uk and European energy markets

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The Smart Meter device always shows 0 energy for me and has no history. I’d read nothing into that.

I don’t know why the Uswitch T&Cs appear. Perhaps they are the source of the average tariffs or provide comparative β€˜typical’ usage data, if such a thing is used in the app (I’m not that interested in the app, I just installed it because it was there).

It rather sounds like you might now be connected to the DCC and your supplier hasn’t quite got its act together.

I think I had the β€˜new meter’ message too. Just a misleading message, nothing more.

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Sound like perfectly reasonable assumptions Graham

Interestingly, my smets1 electricity IHD/Meter has not been updated or so far has not been given the info to send useage to the IHD, so this app actually beats the IHD and my supplier for presenting data

I am interested in the app due to costs, i expect to be paying over Β£4000 by the end of the year for gas and electricity so any info i can get on my energy consumption is useful

Still a little perplexed on what is being collected and how the mechanism works

This morning the graph for yesterday showed only 1hrs worth of electricity used, it had not updated at all, todays graph showed nothing used

If the energy app takes 24 hrs to update that is way too much lag to be of use, it simply becomes a historical record

I have uninstalled both the energy app and the Chamelion connection and re installed and connected both, no historical data is now shown

Really, without up to the minute energy useage data the app is a check on costs and a historical record

I think it is more like 24 to 48 hours, depending on when you look. It is 8:40am Saturday and the last data I can see in the app is from Midnight to 1am Friday (so 11pm to Midnight on Thursday in GMT).

I’d imagine anything real time would need to exploit a CAD in the home.

For those wondering what we are on about, Smart Energy is basically accessing data from the supplier side via the DCC (a national network/database). There is also a flow of real time data available on the consumer side which is visible on the In Home Displays and also available by gateway Consumer Access Devices.

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That does then mean that anyone with a Smets1 meter will never get instant energy readouts available to Smets2 IHDs as they are not wifi enabled

I wonder if the Chamelion IHDs can bridge that gap by simply replacing a Smets1 IHD once the meters have been updated to Smets2 and adopted onto the DCC network

I’m a bit lost with exactly what can do what at the moment. I believe it is the CAD that would give the WiFi access and there are IHDs that have CADs built in. I think CADs exist with SMETS1 but perhaps there are functional limitations compared to SMETS2.

It looks like Chameleon already provide a cloud based service on the consumer side. Perhaps that is why they are in bed with Samsung/SmartThings on this one.

I am the same with how IHDs now connect, i have Smets1 experience and how that works but Smets2 i think… can become a device in its own rights and that is how the Bulb connection works, that is why when using the Bulb connection you are given 2 IHD options for joining and not a Bulb account option, which would be a simpler connection but without up to the minute data

Would also be good to know why the Smart meter connection to Chamelion remains blank but the energy app reports power

Graham, would the energy meter and Energy app work without a hub ?

I am never sure what works without a hub !

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Yes it will. I think it is a cloud to cloud integration. I had to install mine on a Location on the EU shard to get it to work and that doesn’t have an active hub.

Off-topic: I notice that these days when I create a new Location under my main account in the app it creates one in the EU shard. That is good going forwards but it was not always the case. Sadly my main Location is still on NA1 and I think sooner or later I need to do something about it.

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I think i have figured out why the Energy meter (screenshot in above post) always shows zero energy used

When joining the Chamelion option to ST not only do you have to create a Chamelion account as part of the process but it is also looking for an actual device (IHD) Chamelion sell there own energy IHD that connects to an in home meter supply, that device (Chamelion ivie) would supply the data to the (Smart meter) device in ST, only then would we see actual data

All rather confusing as it is not documented when joining the Chamelion option, usualy there is an option when going through the on board process to see what devices are compatible, the Chamleon option just says… β€˜Smart meter’ this is too generic and not explanatory enough, it needs the devices name or model number ie; Chameleon Evie (model no 12345)

At least i think that is the reason we see no energy used on the Smart Meter device

I actualy thought it was a c2c issue but it is simply a missing device, luckily the process still allows the Chameleon connection to there cloud which drags in the DCC info into the Smartthings Energy app

I do however have a small issue with buying an ivie bud IHD, the Uk public have already had there bills increased originaly due to the Smart meter initiative, we have paid highly for the original meters, having to now buy another one due to reasons outside of our control is a bitter pill to swallow

I dont blame Chameleon, they are simply supplying a device that actualy works and presents live data but for Smets1 users its pretty painful

Oh there is a LOT more to it than the energyMeter capability. Get a load of this lot …

β”‚ Capability                                   β”‚ Attribute                β”‚ Value    β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.batchPowerConsumptionReport β”‚ powerConsumptions        β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ powerConsumptionReport                       β”‚ powerConsumption         β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ energyMeter                                  β”‚ energy                   β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ healthCheck                                  β”‚ checkInterval            β”‚ 60 s     β”‚
β”‚ healthCheck                                  β”‚ healthStatus             β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ healthCheck                                  β”‚ DeviceWatch-Enroll       β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ healthCheck                                  β”‚ DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus β”‚ "online" β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ hasTodayUsage            β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ hasCost                  β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ numberOfPriceBands       β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ tariffProvider           β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ rates                    β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ hasTotalUsage            β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ specialDays              β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ measureInterval          β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ rateType                 β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ hasFromGrid              β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ tariffName               β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ dateStarted              β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ standingCharge           β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ currency                 β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ hasToGrid                β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ costExponent             β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ meteringDate             β”‚          β”‚
β”‚ rivertalent14263.energyMeterProperties       β”‚ priceBands               β”‚          β”‚

To me that all looks like supplier side metrics and we probably don’t have the security access to see the numbers, in a similar way that SmartTags have lots of capabilities we don’t get to play with.

I think the IHD/CAD access might be for the future. That said, the integration is with the Chameleon cloud so perhaps if you already have the IHD/CAD linked to Chameleon things happen differently.

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I notice standing charge in there !

Now that would give an accurate total at the end of a month

Wonder why that never got an inclusion

That said, neither of us have the ieve bud, so cant be sure if that data surfaces or not

I have invited Chameleon to join the conversation as there is much to be learned from both sides but understand it is not something they want to do

Thay have said the info we get in the energy app should arrive around 9am ish 24/48hrs after useage, kicking myself now for deleting half a months data and restarting but hey ho

So I have connected a Chamelon V6 or V7 to Home Assistant via Smart Things but no data yet (it’s only been 12 hours). But I have ordered an Ivie so I can hopefully get real time data but let’s see. Will update once I have the Ivie working.

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