Bulb IHD6 and SmartThings Integration - No Gas usage only Electricity


I had Bulb Energy Gas and Electricity SMETS2 SMART meters installed on Tuesday. I have a Chameleon IHD6 device which is working for both my Gas and Electricity usage.

I managed to successfully pair this device with my Samsung SmartThings app, but am only getting Electricity usage.

If I look at the device history, I can see electricity meter reading at 1 minute intervals. There are no gas readings, except one rogue gas reading received on Wednesday at 16:40.

I assume that SmartThings gets the readings from the IHD6 device (which is connected via Wi-Fi to the internet).

As my SMART meters are working OK and my Bulb account graphs are showing daily usage graphs for both gas and electricity via the Bulb app, and that my IHD6 device is showing (almost) real time usage stats then why is this info not finding its way to the SmartThings app for Gas but it is for electricity?

Any ideas please?