Automatic turnoff no longer works (April 2020)

I have an Automation that turns on an outlet when a third party motion sensor sees motion. In the Automation I have it configured to turn off the outlet after 4 hours. This worked fine for weeks. Then it stopped doing the automatic turn off. As a test, I changed the automatic turnoff period from 4 hours to something short like one minute. That works. But when I try 4 hours again, which is what I really need, it still doesn’t turn off. Any suggestions? I have tried restarting the hub and deleting and recreating the Automation, with no luck.

So a couple of questions:

  1. Have you checked the log to make sure that it hasn’t stopped the timer due to motion being detected after the original event?

  2. What are you using to do the automation? (New app, webCore, etc.)

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Thanks. Not sure where the log is kept.
I’m creating the Automation in SmartThings new app.

In the new App if you select the motion detector and it should show you a list of device activity down the right side of the screen. Alternatively you could go into the web IDE and look at the device events to see past activity. If you use the IDE you could also bring up the live logging (current activity vs. past) and then filter down to the motion detector while testing the automation.

Probably easiest to start with the new App activity.

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Multiple people have reported the same problem in the last few days. Definitely talk to support about it.