Bug with Kwikset locks

I just want to point out a bug with my two Kwikset lever locks that I purchased.


I have programmed codes into these locks for manual override. However, as soon as they synchronize or connect to the ST hub via ZWAVE all the codes are over written. It is not only codes entered before pairing. I can enter the codes one day, come back the next and they simply will not work.


Just so I understand, you’re saying that AFTER you’ve paired your lock to SmartThings, then you’ve programmed in a code, that that code will “disappear” a day or so later?

If this is the case, I haven’t experienced this myself. I have seen that if I program a code before pairing and then connected to SmartThings that the code is lost. But I have never lost a code that was programmed in AFTER pairing with SmartThings. Now, I’ve only ever used one code with my Kwikset. If you’re using multiple codes that might be the trigger that’s causing the memory issue.

@chrisb correct. I paired the zwave piece of the lock with Smart Things. I then setup multiple codes. I come back a day later and none of those codes work. I actually have two of these locks and they both do the same thing. Are you saying there is a bug and if I only program one code then it will be fine?


Are you saying there is a bug and if I only program one code then it will be fine?

I really don’t know if that’s true or not, I’m simply throwing it out as a possibility. That’s the only obvious difference that I see between your setup and mine so maybe having multiple codes cause the problem.

I suppose it’s worth trying to just put in one code and see if it retains it. I hope this isn’t the case though.

That sounds awful.

Are you setting up the codes with the program button on the lock itself, or are you setting the extended codes with some other Z-Wave tool?

When they get erased does it go back to the factory codes, or do no codes work at all?

@duncan I’m not sure what the factory unlock code is. If you have it I can test it out. I will reprogram them again in the next couple of days and test. But it has done it to me twice in the past. As far as programming I’m doing it directly on the lock itself. Hitting the programming button typing the code and hitting the lock button.