Trouble pairing Kwikset 912 Lever Door Lock

(Djraje) #1

I can’t seem to pair it. I’ve put the lock even right next to the box! :slightly_smiling:

Anyone had issues pairing it. Am I missing something? The instructions are pretty straightforward. I’ve searched for the device on ST, and then but the white button on the upper left hand corner.

Any thoughts?

(Brian Diehl) #2

You may have to go through the Unpairing or Removing process according to the documentation.
There’s a chance you may have had a failed pair, so it needs reset before it can be added again. When you do re-add, make sure the hub is as close as possible.

(Djraje) #3

Hmm. It never paired in the first place…so I can’t unpair it.

I just did reset it and still no luck. Shoot.

Is there a way to test that a zwave signal is being broadcast?

(Djraje) #4

Just tried a new Kwikset 912 and had same problem so can’t be the lock