Unable to add Kwikset 916 z-wave door lock

(Jeff) #1

I recently had the Kwikset 916 door lock installed on my SmartThings hub but somehow lost its connection to my hub once I removed my batteries. I’ve since reset the door lock and deleted it from my app. I’ve been seeing lots of posts about doing an “Exclusion” for the device and then adding it back. I’ve tried this and pressing the “A” button once (Instructions per Kwikset) doesn’t work and nothing is recognized. I’ve tried so many times I feel like giving up. A real bummer as I purchased one for another door. I don’t want to run into the same issue. This is the 916 z-wave version and I also have many z-wave plus switches acting as repeaters in the area so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Any ideas? I saw a YouTube video where the guy does the “Exclusion” and pairing to SmartThings with ease which is not my case. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

(Jimmy) #2

How far from the hub is it?

(Jeff) #3

Maybe 12-15 feet

(Jimmy) #4

Keep trying the exclusion if it never worked.

(Jeff) #5

I’ve tried in both classic and the Samsung app. It just doesn’t recognize it.

(Jimmy) #6

And you’re putting it in pairing mode while the hub is excluding? Batteries are fresh?

(Jeff) #7

Correct. New batteries and pairing mode. I pressed the “A” button once as specified by Kwikset for the Z-Wave lock

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #8

So did you exclude it successfully?

(Jeff) #9

It didn’t work. It doesn’t recognize the device and the app times out.

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #10

Exclude doesn’t time out, pairing does. Are you sure you were excluding it? An exclude is initiated on the lock (after putting the hub into General Exclusion mode) and then you’ll see a message on the phone saying an unknown device was excluded.

Another way would be to reset the lock.

Also try this, reboot your hub and then try to pair it. That often helps.

(Jeff) #11

I did reset the lock. As far as the hub I have the ADT/SmartThings hub. Is it as simple as
Unplugging it to reset?

(Jeff) #12

Well I think I realize what the issue is. When I press A on my Kwikset it doesn’t light up like it does in a video I watched. The LED light in the middle works but not for A or B. Maybe it’s broken. Bummer

(Jeff) #13

I gave up and am getting a replacement. I contacted Kwikset and did everything they said with no success