[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

I did as suggested go into NST Manager and hit done and it does update then. But it then does not auto update thereafter again.

So the only way to get it to update is to keep repeating the above.

Any further suggestions?

You should look at ST “Live Logging” and likely post as a private message to tony and myself.

I am attempting to use the motion detection of the Nest Hello video doorbell to turn on the porch light using the Smart Lighting Smart App… I have installed NST Manager and it shows up as a smart app on my android phone. Nest Camera shows up as a Thing that is Streaming. I must have missed something because when the Nest camera (doorbell) detects motion it pushes a notification to my phone but it is not detected by NST Manager.
Any help will be greatly apppreciated.

Screenshot_20190628-154354_SmartThings Screenshot_20190628-154655_SmartThings

So, have they stopped allowing new developer accounts to be created so that I can get an access token?

I click on the link, but I get a 403 Forbidden error

Just try using nest manager, I think Tony has some left in what is posted (ie just install)

And by just install, the best way to do it is through Tony’s also brilliant “Community Installer”

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Thanks @E_Sch , This worked for me.

Hi. Did you manage to sort this. Mine still stops responding after 2 or 3 days and I have to go into the smart app and hit save to get it to communicate again.

Should I be seeing this in the logs?

So my Nest Protect detected Smoke but Nest Manager didn’t pick up the event. Any thoughts? @tonesto7

Are you using the stream driver?

Stream driver? Not sure - how do I enable that?

I had the older Nest Manager installed and today I added the newest version. So far I can go under Marketplace, Nest Manager, and I can view everything like My home location, my physical devices such as 4 protects and 1 camera. When I go to my home though I don’t see any of the devices in the list. Am I missing something?

Thank you for the time and help

I have the Nest Protect and the Nest Doorbell. I have installed NST Manager so that I could use the motion detection of the doorbell to trigger the porch light using SmartThings. I assume the doorbell shows up as a camera because the doorbell was not out when the NST Manager was written. Everything seems to be working fine except that while motion will send me a notification (with considerable lag) it will not be detected by ST. I had been previously been using a Ring doorbell without a problem.

If anyone has any ideas, your help would be appreciated.

Interesting, i received the following message from Heroku this morning:

“ Hi,

You have used 80% of your 550 free dyno hours for July 2019. The following steps can help you keep your app running smoothly…”

Has anybody else received a similar msg. What does that mean?


Sounds like your using the original server. The new version only runs every 5 days just to refresh the cookie

Isn’t heroku used with Echo Speaks and not NST Manager?

Lol… It is… I was on my phone and didn’t notice it was in the NST thread

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Oops my mistake, I used both apps and automatically though about that thread. Does the server update take place automatically when the app is updated?

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