[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Three times the charm. I know @tonesto7 and @E_Sch would deliver an exceptional Ecobee suite if they put their minds to it :slight_smile: Plus, after September, they might just need a new project to play with…

I have absolutely no doubt that they would… I was merely saying that there are already some great alternatives.

To be clear I have used the NST Manager for quite a few years now and only switched to the Ecobee last weekend so I’m still figuring stuff out.

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I am right behind you… been using NST manager for a long time, but as soon as Ecobee 4+ comes out, or September arrives, I am switching (whichever occurs first) :smile:

Does anyone else get frequent reminders to update NST Manager in the IDE, even though it’s already up to date? Any tips on stopping this would be gratefully received.

Did you open the NST Manager app and click Save after you updated everything in IDE? Sometimes it takes a few minutes before you will see the screen showing the updates release notes.

I don’t have your name listed as a contributor so if it’s more than 3 years ago, I don’t see how you can compare the 2.

My ecobee and smartapps have more features than any Nest implementation, and I know b/c I created My Next manager as well… I know both Nest and ecobee APIs by heart, and I can tell you that my devices and my zoning apps are the most advanced & reliable heating/cooling solutions under ST.

My 2 cents.

I don’t know how it shows up on your side that I’m a contributor however I do have a receipt from your Yahoo email and I did contribute, install your Ecobee device handlers and a few of your smart apps however for me personally and my usage I preferred the suite made by storage anarchy better.

I only paid for it a few days ago.

And just so I’m clear it’s always possible that I’ll go back to using your app suite/device handlers if I find that there’s something I find worthwhile/useful later.

Also, FWIW I haven’t used your Nest suite.

If you carefully read all features and use cases supported by ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, then you will understand the true capabilities of my zoning solutions. There is no equivalent.


Save yourself the hassle of going down that rabbit hole :wink:


At least mine is still running strong, there are contributors that are still subscribing to My Next Manager due to its reliability and resilience to outages…I guess some Nest users want to play with their Nest devices till the end of the program…

But, you’re right, it’s the end of the Works with Nest program, and Nest is a rabbit hole (or more a dead end)…

I’ve always been a strong advocate of the ecobee ecosystem (which is growing soon with the addition of the ecobee cam, and the smoke detector), and I’ve been right all along…

Good luck with Google assistant, you’ll need it (as the limited APIs will make the Nest HA very limited)…

I didn’t know you are running NST Manager too, it’s a great implementation isn’t it? @tonesto7 and @E_Sch did an awesome job! Unfortunately, I am not a subscriber of your app so I cannot compare their reliability side by side, but I know I didn’t have any problems with NST Manager in more than 2 years. That for me is reliable enough.


Please stop trying to self promote your apps under the NST topic!

It is your right for you to think your app is superior. All I know is we (@E_Sch and myself) will never settle for good enough, so we will always continue to innovate based on allowing our users to tell us what they think about our work, good or bad.
Honestly, if we went around thinking we were the best, we wouldn’t have nearly 10 thousand users today!


Remember your own rabbit hole…

I said it was a smart design idea I didn’t ever insinuate it made it superior.
Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today…


So, I have come to this very late, but can new users still access NST Manager until they shut API access off? It looks like you can’t do anything new on developers.nest.com.

Yes it will work until they turn off the API. I will try to make the changes to include the token and secret into the app so you don’t have to create a dev account. I might have a few hundred slots available still on one of my products.


Thanks @tonesto7!

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sorry i havent been following religiously BUT im surmising NST manager 5.0 will not work anymore after August?

It will work until they turn off the API which sounds like it will be delayed until they make the new API similar to the old one (They will never allow Home/Away)

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Will you update this thread when you release the new version with the tokens @tonesto7?

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