Broken issues in iOS 2.0.8 release

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I’m surprised that there’s no release notes for 2.0.8. True to form it would not a be a ST release if something working didn’t break (I feel like a guinea pig - for heavens sake please go out and hire a good IT firm to do regression testing before making a new release. There are some awesome ones who will guarantee 0 regression defects in production, if you need references please ask).

Coming back to the issues:

1 - ValueTiles used to allow for 2 lines in 2.0.7 now it doesn’t when it’s the first tile in a row (and it’s messed up the UI). This code used to work perfectly in iOS 7 ST iOS release 2.0.7.

valueTile("battery", "device.battery", inactiveLabel: false, width: 2, height: 2) {
			state "battery", label:'Battery\n${currentValue}%', unit:"", backgroundColors:[
                [value: 20, color: "#ff0000"],
                [value: 35, color: "#fd4e3a"],
                [value: 50, color: "#fda63a"],
                [value: 60, color: "#fdeb3a"],
                [value: 75, color: "#d4fd3a"],
                [value: 90, color: "#7cfd3a"],
                [value: 99, color: "#55fd3a"]

The ‘\n’ no longer works in release 2.0.8 when the valueTile if the first tile in a row, but works when it’s the second or third tile in a row (go figure??)

2 - MultiAttributeTiles Primary and Secondary actions are now distorted and cut off. This code used to work perfectly on 2.0.7

        multiAttributeTile(name:"summary", type: "generic", width: 6, height: 4) {
            tileAttribute ("device.motion", key: "PRIMARY_CONTROL") {
                attributeState "active", label:'motion', icon:"", backgroundColor:"#53a7c0"
                attributeState "inactive", label:'no motion', icon:"st.motion.motion.inactive", backgroundColor:"#ffffff"
            tileAttribute ("device.temperature", key: "SECONDARY_CONTROL") {
				attributeState "temperature", label:'${currentValue}°'

Now with 2.0.8, the primary text is cut off and only shows “NO MOTI…” and the Secondary Tile is in the middle of the tile instead of the bottom left of the tile. Ie. the UI is messed up.


  1. Bool options in Device Preferences still always show up as false (even if they are enabled), bug since 2.0.1
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Release notes were posted here iOS 2.0.8 - Release Notes - 1/26/2016

I am following up with the team on the three items you reported.


Weird, I can reproduce this on my iPad, but not on my iPhone 6s. What iOS device are you seeing this on? It may help ST fix it faster if they know what devices are affected.

iPhone 4S and 5S iOS 7

Same bug just now introduced in the Android release…frustrating…but hey, at least the 2 OS’s are becoming more alike? Sorry, just looking for some optimism…


i have \r\n in some of my device types and this still works great in 2.0.8 on both android and IOS (only have Ipad) maybe look at this as a workaround for your multiline display?