iOS 2.0.8 - Release Notes - 1/26/2016

SmartThings iOS 2.0.8 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Notable improvements are detailed below.

Feature Improvements:

  • iOS Password Manager Integration
  • Added hub firmware version to Hub Details screens

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed, login issues where credentials aren’t being saved
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Why did you integrate solely with 1Password? Doesn’t iOS extensions allow you to hook into any password manager? I’m not an iOS developer but I thought that was the point. Most apps that I’ve seen integrate password managers on iOS bring up the extension sheet where I can use LastPass or whatever a user wants.

Guess I am confused why we need 1password integration but I like the movement forward. Most importantly is staying logged in.

I would be floored thrilled if we had touchID integration. That’s the ticket.


True, Amazon and a couple other apps do Touch ID which is nice. That would be acceptable too. 1Password is like their BMW integration, nice for people with deep pockets.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

(20 thank yous)

I noticed the fonts are larger and seem to format on the display better.
The one thing I just don’t understand is why the iOS client is so slow compared to the android client. I was really hoping things would be quicker after the DB update. Apparently the client is not affected by that

Weird, mine has been much faster lately (except for a bit tonight).

.sort() is broken in this release. That is used to alphabetize things like enums with Routine names, etc. Doesn’t alphabetize anymore.

Turns out to not be .sort() that is broken. Instead it is a bug that messes up the order of any list offered for input.


What are the benefits of 1password?

Will I be able to delegate who sees what on a shared account?!

No. 1Password is a password manager. It’s just so you don’t have to type your password in each time you log in to the app.

I love 1Password. Use it across two iPhones, two iPads, three Macs, and a PC via DropBox sharing. Very useful and I highly recommend it to anyone. It stores a lot more than passwords as well. The files that are in my Dropbox are encrypted at 256. Its a great way for my wife and I to ensure we have a current password list.

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What about LastPass integration? Show some love for them too :smile:


Just to add, in reality, the TouchID integration is key. Once that is done, the password manager integration is really only useful for people who don’t have/use TouchID which is becoming less and less or setting up a new device and logging in for the first time.

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I was just about to type the same thing. Love LastPass! My other thought was just open up extensions (I think that’s the right name) and Touch ID on the iOS app, and folks could use whatever password manager they want… I’m sure there’s an equivalent on Android as well, just haven’t messed with it as much.

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Hey guys,

1Password is just a misnomer. This means every password manager that support the iOS 1Password API. I use lastpass. you’re good to go.


I’m trying to upgrade on my iPad in the App Store but the update won’t work, anyone having this problem?

Never mind I got it , had to restart my iPad

Tested with LastPass and it works! Now for touchID with the option to enforce it everytime you use ST for better security?!!

Thanks for the clarification @slagle! Might want to put in the release notes reboot required. I assumed when I updated and logged out and didn’t see the lock icon that it was 1Password only. LastPass works now. Sorry for the complaining @liztupper I’m happy now. Hopefully I don’t have to sign in once a week now. :wink:


@slagle its great that you guys have shown IOS & Android some love, any chance of a decent update to the Windows Phone app which is still at maybe even a universal app as the user experience is now massively different across the platforms

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