Android 2.0.8 - Release Notes - 1/26/2016

I thought I read that the thermostat multiAttribute tile wasn’t fixed in this version?
I just checked my Galaxy S5 and it’s actually working great with the modified Nest Device type I customized about a month ago.


I am on 2.0.6 and holding. I have not seen anything so far that makes me want to upgrade. And I don’t like the fact that “Location” was replaced by “My Home” in 2.0.7 and newer.

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I’m still holding on to 1.7.6. I have an old phone on which I try the latest version, but haven’t been compelled to switch to v2 in any form.

Updates should only be installed automatically if you’ve set up Google Play to auto-update apps.


If they open sourced the app code we would have it fixed in a few weeks :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering if. 8 was perhaps pulled from the play store?

I have auto updates set and didn’t get the update. When I view the app in the Play store only. 7 shows as available with a date of last update of December

Here are issues I’ve reported already for reference:

Okay so here are MORE bugs:
When using the VALUE_CONTROL type “thermostat”

tileAttribute("device.temperature", key: "VALUE_CONTROL") {
    attributeState("default", action: "setTemperature")

Now it finally shows up (it wasn’t in 2.0.7) but it behaves differently from iOS.
iOS return 0 or 1, Android returns a +ve or -ve value depending upon how many times it’s been called!

How the heck is a developer supposed to write an app when the same function behaves differently on 2 different OS’s and there’s no documentation on it. I can’t even identify if the app is iOS or Android programatically in the app.

This is really the height.

@Jim looping you, please document the expected behavior of VALUE_CONTROL


Another one, when using

multiAttributeTile(name:“summary”, type: “generic”, width: 6, height: 4)

It’s fine

when using:

multiAttributeTile(name:“summary”, type: “thermostat”, width: 6, height: 4)

A humidity symbol shows up on the bottom left corner along with some other symbol I can’t recognize

Again this behavior is different from iOS. I can use SECONDARY_CONTROL and VALUE_CONTROL with type “generic” with iOS but not with Android.
Also the random symbols with type “thermostat” show up on Android but not on iOS.

In short it’s a total mess!

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Nope (unless possibly if you are outside USA)

Sure you can you just posted the way. If value is 0 or 1 then IOS else android


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Actually, on iOS this behavior isn’t consistent. Sometimes it sends 0 or 1, and other times it sends the +/- delta with the current value. In my Ecobee app I had to create a workaround to deal with this. I haven’t been able to find a consistent pattern yet to determine when it will send which type.

Also, this is not a newly introduced issue (at least on iOS) this was happening with 2.0.7 for me as well in my testing.

EDIT: I opened a support ticket on this 5 days ago. It is ticket #183273 if anyone wants to reference.

I have 2.0.8 but if I look in the Google Play Store 2.0.7 is listed. I think they pulled 2.0.8

Actually not really since even Android can return 0 or 1 depending upon the number if times the button has been pressed.

I’ve kinda come up with a logic but it’s twisted. Will post it if it works reliably.

I have 2.0.6 and I see 2.0.8 even after a restart of my phone…

No, not all apps are available to every Android device. Could be it’s not available/compatible with your version of Android. Some OS’s older than 4 and 5 are limited on available apps, or they didn’t check the compatibility blocks properly when the uploaded the app. Tablets are another category too, they may be Android, but not all apps are available for them. My oldest 2.0.8 ver tab device has Android 4.4.2, and smartphone is 4.4. Ensure your devices Android OS is up to date as high as possible.

2.0.8 is still in my devices Play Store…

I already have 2.0.8 installed.

I have a Note 4 with 5.1.1, But if I look in the Play store it shows 2.0.7 via my phone.

But if I goto the Play store from my PC it shows 2.0.8

So I was incorrect saying it was pulled.

A temporary hack:

    // Determine OS intended behaviors based on value behaviors (urrgghhh.....ST!)
    def upLevel
    if (!state.lastLevelUpDown)
        state.lastLevelUpDown = 0 // If it isn't defined lets baseline it

    if ((state.lastLevelUpDown == 1) && (value == 1)) // Last time it was 1 and again it's 1 its increase
    	upLevel = true
    else if ((state.lastLevelUpDown == 0) && (value == 0)) // Last time it was 0 and again it's 0 then it's decrease
    	upLevel = false
    else if ((state.lastLevelUpDown == -1) && (value == -1)) // Last time it was -1 and again it's -1 then it's decrease
    	upLevel = false
    else if ((value - state.lastLevelUpDown) > 0) // If it's increasing then it's up
    	upLevel = true
    else if ((value - state.lastLevelUpDown) < 0) // If it's decreasing then it's down
    	upLevel = false
        log.error "UNDEFINED STATE, CONTACT DEVELOPER. Last level $state.lastLevelUpDown, Current level, $value"

    state.lastLevelUpDown = value // Save it
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@RBoy you know I was just kidding right :smile:
Anyway your code is interesting but I don’t think it does what the comment says. I don’t think you are “determining the OS”, but rather determine the upLevel true state which requires jumping through some hoops because of different OS behavior. I would comment “complex logic required because of strange differences between iOS and Android versions.” It might help you remember why you have the strange code months from now when it stops working because ST made some changes. Anyway just a friendly suggestion, thanks for sharing your code.

On a separate topic, I have to ask something to my fellow ST comrades.
Does anyone else find it really odd that it takes us about 10 min after the release notes for these new versions go out to find a bunch of bugs but somehow the bug are missed by the entire ST team ? Something is seriously wrong with that. Just saying…


10 minutes to find a bug and 10 months to get it fixed?! At this ratio we would have a fully functional Android app by 2150…if lucky


By that time we will all be connected directly to our homes and whatever we think will happen :slight_smile:

By that time my home had better be doing the thinking for me… Especially since I’m just going to be a head in a jar.