Broken iOS app (Jan 2022)

No matter what I do, unable to connect to smartthings server. Just hangs now. Tried rebooting phone, restarting app, rebooting the hub. Notta.

It’s bad enough samsung killed support for smartthings on my 8 month old samsung galaxy tab A last year. Now I can’t connect to it on iOS either.

Ditto on that

This inability to connect is affecting my iPad, but not iPhone. :thinking:. Sharptools interface working fine as usual.

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It’s amazing that it keeps getting worse and worse every time they update the app.

Just in case… try signing out of the ST app and signing back in to see if that resolves any connection issues

I had the same issue, deleting and then reinstalling the app seems to have sorted it at least so far.

I was able to get it working by deleting the app and reinstalling it yesterday.

I had to do the same thing, delete iOS app and reinstall to be able to Login

Yes, logging out and back in worked for me. Another issue I run into is my iPhone connecting to the wrong network. I run separate SSIDs for HA and computer and have the iPhone run on the HA network by default.

However, if when I arrive home and there’s any interference on the iPhone’s default, HA SSID, it will connect to my computer SSID and I don’t discover it until SmartThings starts giving me trouble with “downloading” messages or “When your phone connects to the server” messages.

If connected to the wrong SSID, SmartThings will eventually connect to the SmartThings server via cellular, but this can be extremely slow and sometimes fails.

I did log out and back in. That worked for awhile and then it started having connection issues again. Wondering if their app isn’t refreshing oauth tokens properly or something like that.

Same issue.

What’s the reason for the errors on the one network and not the other?

My guess is the SSID is associated to another VLAN with different firewall rules. That is what occurs with mine when it happens.

Wondering if this is why I’m always dealing with the network connection and downloading messages. Though I think mine occurs on any wifi network or LTE.

jkp is correct. I use separate VLANs for security. If I am WiFi connected to the VLAN that my ST hub is connected to, it appears the response time is much faster. This has only been the case since ST started rolling out device handlers that run locally. At least this is my assumption. It’s quite possible I’m wrong…

If I’ve only got one LAN, and the same response time whether on wifi, wifi external to my home, or LTE, then I wouldn’t think this would apply to why I’m getting the messages and delays. Thanks, at least giving me some things to think about.