Smartthings app cannot connect to hub (June 2021)

I have a smartthings hub - IM6001-VSP01. It is connected to my wireless network. However, just recently the smartthings app cannot connect to the hub. The app says it connected and the hub “works” meaning that scheduled activities work fine. But I cannot use the app to directly control devices anymore or connect to the hub. I have reset and rebooted the hub. I also resetted my router. but all other wi-fi devices work fine. I tried to re-add the hub but i get a general network error. Any ideas?

I also confirmed that the hub is connected to my network just fine.

IOS? Did you update the app?
First suggestion… uninstall/reinstall the app

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That seems to have corrected my issues. I would never have thought of that. Thank you very much!

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I’m glad you got it working, but just for future information, the app never connects to the hub. Even if they are on the same Wi-Fi. The app connects to the cloud, the cloud connects to the hub.

This is particularly significant right now because it appears after updating the iOS app a lot of people are finding that their app is not syncing with the cloud. Even if they don’t have a hub at all.

There are various things you can try to re-sync the app and the cloud, including signing out and signing back in, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, rebooting the hub, even just waiting a couple of hours.

I’m not yet convinced that any of these work specifically, it may just be a coincidence with different people resynching at different times.

It’s definitely very frustrating. :rage:



Upon further investigation - this did not work. My lighting that connects to the lutron hub works. But all my other devices (locks, other lighting etc.) do not. I reset my hub to factory settings and then downloaded all updates and its connected. i also deleted and re-added the app. The timing of my issues corresponds to the newest app updates, but that could be coincidence.

I attempted to reconnect several devices (one cree bulb and kwik set lock). These did not work.

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Thanks for the info btw

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