Broken Again - 7/25 2:40pm CDT



Platform Outage
Incident Report for SmartThings
Some users may be unable to load the SmartThings app, control devices, or access the web UI. We are currently investigating.
Jul 25, 15:36 EDT

(Ron S) #2

Can’t do anything at all? Threw me out of the ST Mobile app and thinks that i have a a network problem. :wink:


+1 dittoss doritos

(Ron S) #4

IDE shows nothing after login.

(jkp) #5

LOL everything is working for me. ST app is working and can log into IDE. :wink:

(Arn B) #6

Same here totally down. I thought this could run some things locally when the internet is down, not true!

(Kevin Sime) #7

Same here. App is dead.

(Ron S) #8

For me the fish is dead.

(Kevin Sime) #9

Now working, again.

(Ron S) #10

All good here!


all “good” except for the 5 z-wave devices and 3-4 zigbee showing ‘unavailable’ in ios app…not cool.


all Good for real this time. all devices are showing available! yeah buddy

(Arn B) #14

Everything now appears normal, although it took the Xfinity 3400-x keypad about 30 extra minutes to recover.

(sam) #15

FYI…you can check for platform information


Yup, except it often gets updated a long time after the issues occur or not at all.