Broadlink RF

Hello there, someone knows hot to integrate broadlink in Smartthings? I’ve some ceiling fan that work with rf signal. Thank you


You can use IFTTT to connect ST with Broadlink.

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How to do that? Can we link Broadlink IRs like RM3 Mini with Bond app or what?

I don’t have one but my understanding is that the Bond device ( can be used to control many RF devices.

An alternative way to control a Broadlink device using Alexa as an intermediary is described here:

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Broadlink is a competitor product similar to Bond. It controls IR devices added to it, like fans and such. The Bond and Bridge driver will be useless for this.


I didn’t know bond. Does it integrate natively into Smartthings or does it need drivers? to control rf ceiling fans which device do I need? Thank you very much.

The bond app is irrelevant to Broadlink. As others have said, they are two competing devices in the same device class (IR blasters) so forget anything said about bond. You would use a bond IR blaster or you would use a Broadlink IR blaster, but not both.

They also both can handle some other protocols which are common to remotes, but it’s the same thing: you would use one or the other. Not both. and you would not use one to try to control the other.

Back to Broadlink…

Their Ifttt channel is OK, but it’s all event driven. You could have a trigger of “if the temperature is higher than X” but you have to create one applet for each temperature you want to check. That’s obviously for a temperature sensor.

It’s much more intuitive for on/off switches:

The integration is OK once you get it set up.

You could use Alexa routines if you want to control a device via broadlink from a smartthings trigger. But you can’t really use it going the other way.

At our house we use Alexa to tell Broadlink to open and close our automatic door opener. It works quite well, but it’s not fast. There’s probably a two second delay between voice command and door starting to open.

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Thanks for such a detailed reply. I am already using IFTTT linked virtual devices and audio commands through Google Home. It was that someone above quoted Bond so I thought I may have missed something.
Thanks again