Broadlink RM vs Bond for Fan control

I have two ceiling fans, both with RF based remotes. One of the fans also has a Z-wave wall switch for basic on/off functionality. The other fan is down a hallway in one of the kid’s bedrooms. For the fan with the Z-wave on/off I already have basic control through ST but want to be able to change speeds, and hopefully the other functions available on it’s remote. The fan in the bedroom has a light also.

Looking at the options seems like Broadlink or Bond are the most popular. Bond has no current ST integration (other than the IFTT channel). Broadlink has a DTH so I could integrate both more closely into ST.

Looking for pro’s & con’s for each of the solutions.

Is your fan IR or RF remote controlled? If RF, then I would NOT suggest Broadlink, it that’s even an option since the Pro isn’t supported anymore. And Bond will not mirror your device’s state if it’s changed from the local RF remote. So, it’s more than likely that they’ll get unsynced at some point.
I would recommend the Hampton Bay Zigbee fan controller. I have two of them and love them. But if your fan is already wired for basic control, just swap out that switch for a GE Z wave plus fan control switch. have one of those in my bedroom (no lite unit) and it is rock solid as well.

Where do you get the “Pro isn’t supported anymore” from? Broadlink is still selling them.

Broadlink RM Pro+

  • Make sure you get the latest RM Pro + (serial number starting with RM33 [2018 version] or RM03 [2017 version]). This has the sweep frequency which is way better than the old versions.
  • Requires a bridge and DTH to integrate with ST
  • IR, RF 315 / 433 only.


  • Wide RF range ( 300-928 MHz ? )
  • No ST integration (other than IFTTT)

Both are stateless.

I meant with smart things. The pro is the only one with RF and I don’t
think it works with the normal “man in the middle” implementation anymore.

Bond most certainly is not stateless. In the app you can choose weather or not it tracks the state.
I still don’t recommend it because the only integration is IFTTT, which is horrible. However, it works great with Hunter fans when other things do not and the Alexa integration works well. Hunters seems to have some random frequencies that are not always ISM (like 303 or something)…I dont know how they can do that, but the Bond works well regardless. I have one 433 and one 303 and no problems.

I’ve not had good luck getting the RM Pro to work with some Hunter fans…most likely the 303mhz one but I cant remember.

If the BOND had a real API I would love it. If anyone wants to collaborate on that let me know - I did start to hack it.

What do you mean it’s not stateless? If you change the fan’s setting from an RF remote rather than through broadlink, the broadlink doesn’t know that this has occurred. So, it doesn’t know the fan is on.