Integrate Broadlink Mini to SmartThings app?

Hi All,

I have 3 IR devices setup on my Broadlink Mini (Aircon, TV and Fan) is it possible to integrate these into the SmartThings app? If I set it up am I still able to send a IR signal from the SmartThings app? Do I just pick ‘universal remote’ in SmartThings app and setup my Broadlink Mini again?
I’m not technology literate so simple language would be easier for me to understand, thanks!

There’s no simple or easy way. And in all cases you will need one additional device to act as a “man in the middle.“

If you have a strong technical background and you would like to see what other community members have done (and you have a raspberry pi and are comfortable programming it), talk to the people in the following thread:

[RELEASE] Generic TV Remote Device Handler using Broadlink RM Pro and Mini with Alexa Support

But to be honest, it’s easier to just get a harmony home hub, which does have an official integration.

Wow - thanks for the quick response!!!

So if I get a harmony hub it is.

But another question on top of this then I you could kingly help. Can I also integrate my Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor to SmartThings app then?

My main objective is when the Room temperature reaches 29c (xiaomi sensor) I can set up a scene that will turn on the aircon (harmony hub - Broadlink- IR signal to aircon) from SmartThings app :sweat_smile:

In order to use the Xioami sensor, you also have to have a smartthings hub. But lots of people are using those sensors because they are very inexpensive.

Also, you would be using Harmony instead of the broadlink for the smartthings Integration . Not both. But you could still keep the broadlink to use with its own app if you want, the devices don’t have any problem being controlled by more than one IR blaster.

Thanks you so much for your help!!!


I came across this thread as I wanted to implement a similar scenario. Broadlink cannot be added to ST (at least ST returns a “No device found” when searching for Broadlink or IHG).
I had that device already integrated in Alexa, so here is what I ended up doing:

  • create a virtual momentary button in Smart things (see below)
  • create a routine in Alexa to “press” the power button thru the Broadlink device

With this in place, I can “connect” the virtual momentary button to any scenario in ST

Link to the “how to” add a virtual switch in ST: [ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver