A very basic question about webcore

Hi all, I’ve been trying to learn more about webcore, pistons, all that. I want to get back into coding after a long break, and this looks like fun. But I can’t find the answer to what is probably a very basic queston: After you create a piston, how to you administer it, change it, review what it does, etc.? Do you see the piston in the SmartThings app, like a Routine? Thanks for your help!

The Dashboard is an HTML interface for webCoRE that allows users to manage their webCoRE installation. It is the central hub to controlling webCoRE, allowing the user to create, modify, test, and delete Pistons.


To answer your question above, the short answer is yes. Come back to this in a minute.

After you have installed WebCoRE, you will access the webCoRE dashboard by going to Automations / SmartApps where you will create/modify/enable/disable Pistons in a separate web browser. Follow the links that jkp posted so you get a better and more granular explanation.

Going back to the question you asked. When you create a Piston in WebCoRE it is saved as a child under your webCoRE SmartApp inside SmartThings. If you have a Device that is part of a Piston, you can goto Things in the ST App, select the Device and then go over to the SmartApps tab. You will see all SmartApps, Routines and Pistons that the device belongs to. If you select the Piston name there, it will show you details, and then you can select to Open in Dashboard and it will open that Piston for you to view or modify. See screenshots below (I have a Piston called Outdoor Smart Plug Off:

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Thanks so much for all of your help. I am looking forward to doing more with this.