Bose Device offline (with native edge drive)

I had these problems with the beta drive too so I didn’t want to install it. Now that it’s automatically migrated I can’t go back to the device handler, and my bose often goes offline. The only way to get it back online is to delete it and search for it again. Solutions? Am I the only one with this problem?

report the issue to ST support if you haven’t already. They will probably ask you to provide hub logs through IDE and to open remote access in

tagging @nayelyz to make her aware of the issue.

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Thank you, I tagging @nayelyz here, considering that no other attempt to contact support in Italy has ever worked.
Access to my hub is already open, if you need anything else just ask.

Hi, @Diegocampy
The migration was done in early May, have you had issues since then?

So, currently, when the device is online, it works correctly if you send commands to it but it goes offline after a certain amount of time of inactivity, right?

If you send a command directly from the device, for example, if you press the volume button, doesn’t it become online again?
Have you tried rebooting the Hub?

Hey @Diegocampy thanks for the report. We have a fix up, and intend to release it to the SmartThings beta channel today; it should be released to the production channel tomorrow as well. Here is the fix: Bugfix: Bose devices sometimes marked offline "forever" by cjswedes · Pull Request #760 · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub


thank you, to tell the truth, after my report, it hasn’t gone offline anymore. I’ll check with the new firmware (I’m in the beta program).

Can I ask something without going too offtopic?

Do you think it is feasible to instruct the Bose to use the latest music listened to on spotify? Without this function it is completely useless for me to have the bose integrated into Smartthings. As I do with phones and google home devices, I start music and the last one that was playing starts. With bose it is only possible from the Spotify app, not from the Smartthings app. It seems strange to me that in the whole community, no one has ever made this request.
I’m not a programmer and I have no idea where one would have to act to be able to do this.

This might be possible, but Id have to look at the way their api works again to be sure. Unfortunately Bose stopped support for the local apis and are going with cloud integrations for all their next products; they stopped hosting the api documentation on their site! This is a little frustrating for us when looking for how this could work, which would likely be some extra fields/options that we include when sending the play command to the device. I know we have gotten such a request for sonos, so it makes sense that people would want it for bose too.

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