Bose soundtouch edge driver

I have installed the edge driver for BOSE and noticed that driver doesn’t refresh automatically the status ON/OFF. You have to refresh it manually by pulling the screen

Where can i request someone to look at it ?
Below is the link to the driver

I did this months ago, now it seems to work fine. However, I don’t understand what is advisable to do, given that even if I use the edge drive, with each search, the hub continues to find the bose with the device handler in groovy, so I find two.

I’m experiencing the same thing. Following.


Right now, Bose with Groovy online, same Bose found with edge drive disconnected. I think I will eliminate the device, the edge drive and leave everything as it is, this integration is almost useless. We’ll see what happens in the future, but if groovy is shut down, something needs to be fixed I guess.