Bosch Motion Sensor?

Has anyone tried or are using this motion sensor?


Looks like a few are. I’m assuming this is the same one:

The link to the DTH is also in one of the posts, but it’s also here:

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Does anyone know if these can be ceiling mounted to sense down?

Search in or ask this question in the thread posted above.

I found out these things work buried in a snow bank. I had one on the front of my garage. We had some 0 degree weather with snow and apparently the adhesive I had it attached with didn’t like the cold and it fell off. I didn’t realize it for a couple days until I noticed it didn’t seem to be working correctly. And the temperature reading was way off. When I finally checked, sure enuf it was gone. And it had gotten plowed under when my driveway was plowed… After a couple days warm up enuf snow melted and there it was. No worse for wear and still working fine. I think I’ll screw it on this time…