Bosch Motion Sensor (ISW-ZDL1-WP11G)

Does anyone else have any issues getting the bosch ISW-ZDL1-WP11G to work correctly? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and see that others have had success with this motion detector. It paired to smartthings and shows up as bosch motion detector but it only works for a few min then stops detecting motion. I know there is a 3 min cool down but even after that it just stops detecting motion. In the smartthings it’s listed there still and iftt it still shows up on the list of connected devices but when I click on it it shows it’s not been connected for weeks. Take the batteries out, pair it again it will detect for only 5 min then stops again. Batteries are brand new, its close to the hub so idk if the device handler is not correct or if I need to try another one but I have some other motions that work perfectly. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I think normal - after the first (3, 5, 10? ) minutes of setup, it exits setup mode with fast and frequent updates, then it enters operating mode with 3-minute timeout, which preserves battery life. Even in operating mode the initial motion/active report is fast and quickly returns to inactive. To me it would be annoying to use this device without filtering by a custom device type and/or webcore filtering.

I think that is what you are seeing. Otherwise move the wifi router and access points away, or change their orientation, if you may have swamping/interference from nearby 2.4Ghz transmitters.

FYI I have a couple of the Bosch zigbee motion sensor models in operation , and 1 of this one you mention, and BOTH have a seperate issue of “sticking ON/active” until removing and reinstalling batteries. They are unreliable but cheap.

I agree they are not very reliable but for it to only work for a few min then completely stop working seems odd.

it reports the temp but hasn’t reported any motion since about a month ago when I paired it. Basically it just works for a few min initially then completely stops reporting motion.

I have seen that (temperature updates only) and usually my motion is stuck ON/active.

Other times, I use rechargeables so my battery reports are already lower than typical… eventually the device gets starved and motion reports stopped, while temperature reports continuted, until I put fresh charged in. I am sure it resumed normal operation for at least a few days before the next stuck ON/active.