Bosch Security PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor $12 w/free shipping

On sale at My Digital Discount.

Uses 4 standard AA batteries for 6-year battery life. I believe it requires a custom DTH available here.

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pretty good deal. I don’t understand why they are so cheap.

I think these will occasionally stick on “Active” until someone walks thru at least 3 minutes later and it times out again. I manage it by filtering the status of 1,2, or 3 sensors to a composite Simulated Motion Sensor with Webcore, and if one sticks then I ignore it for a while.

Would you mind sharing your piston? I have couple of these lying around as I bought them to turn the lights on/off. But because of the 3 min timer, it is kind of useless for my application.

My experience with these is completely anecdotal but I purchased one of these to control a light in one of my rooms and I constantly have issues it. When I first connected mine, it worked great for a few days then it would seemingly lose connection to smartthings. When it stops working I need to pull the batteries and after a few minutes it decides to work again, for a while anyway. I stopped messing with it since the convenience of not turning on the light manually was not worth the hassle. FWIW I have about 5 of these bay boys around the house and I find them to be much more reliable with ST.

I too have issues with these dropping connection occasionally but also just but a few more because hard to resist 12 bucks. Since they are so big I have them in out of the way places so it’s also possible my zigbee network isn’t strong enough there, but I really don’t think that’s it. Last night I realized one of these had been reporting temp for about a week but no motion. Pulled batteries and came back to life just fine.

“Motion Sensor 3” is the physical Bosch sensor that sometimes sticks Active.

“Motion Sensor 5” is the Simulated Motion Sensor.

This will not address the 3 minute delay which is built-in to hardware to maximize battery life.

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Cool. Was thinking that it will be much more complex but it makes sense.

I have three of them online, with not a hiccup among them.

I can work with the three-minute thing, though I do wish it were more accurate… but for $12, i’ll Take it.