Bosch motion sensor ghost motion

I have a Bosch motion sensor that has been working pretty well (except for occasional stop sensing motion) for over a year. Yesterday it started sensing motion continually every 3 minutes even when there is no motion or heat fluctuation. I tried pulling the batteries and even resetting it multiple times with no luck. Any suggestions? Seems like it’s busted to me but thought I would ask for a ideas. Thanks

Have you tried new batteries?

I didn’t replace them but I did take them out and measure the voltage and all 4 are still at 1.48. I think that’s healthy for AA right?

Well, I took one of my Iris sensors lying around that I had retired (was chewing through batteries) and swapped it out with this Bosch sensor and it is doing the same thing. Every 1-3 minutes it cycles on/off for motion. Just less regular since it was a shorter timeout, sometimes 1 min, sometimes 3-4 minute, which leads me to question is there actually some external trigger causing it. This is in the basement near a zigbee repeater, is usually dark, and the heat is off (forced hot air from 1st floor) for long stretches. Has a brand new battery. Any ideas what might be causing it to trigger?

EDIT: So I think I figured out what it is. I think it is the fact that the sensors were so close to the router. I took them out of the room this morning and all day they were fine. I took them back downstairs tonight and the Iris started acting up but the Bosch did not. I took them both to the other side of the problem room and they stopped falsely registering motion. The only thing that changed in the “issue” corner of the room was putting the a new Google Wifi hub right near it. Previously I had just a single router on a different floor.