Disable Iris Motion Sensors According to Mode

Apologies in advance, if this is posted in the wrong category or if it has been covered somewhere else. I have been looking for hours trying to find a solution as I just started using Smartthings.

I am using Iris Motion Sensors and wanted to know if there was a way to completely disable them when the hub is set to Home and Goodnight Modes? I do not use them for automated lighting, so I wanted to see if I could prevent them from picking up motion when people are home to conserve some battery life. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Use SHM for this

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I believe your saying you don’t want the motion sensor to be active at all while you home. Meaning, you don’t want it to report, period. Only way to do that would be to pull the battery or position it so it won’t pick up the motion, no way to do this via the hub or automations.

Thanks for the reply.

Really? That is unfortunate. I wouldn’t be able to remove the battery or re-position them either because I would need them to be able to pick up motion while it is in Away mode. I wish there was some way around this.

If the device is online and connected to SmartThings as it should be, it will always report motion regardless if you get a notification or not. These are designed with battery life in mind, and I haven’t had to change the battery in any of my Iris sensors. I purchased one in October of 2016 and the battery says 78%. The battery percentage could be wrong but it’s still working.

Yea that makes sense. As far as battery life, I have read that the battery readings are not very accurate. I put up 3 brand new ones yesterday and the battery readings say 100%, 78%, and 89%. Funny thing is, this 100% one is in the most high traffic area and the 78% one is in the lowest traffic area. With that being said, that was why I was inquiring about them not working while us being Home. I guess I will just chalk it up to crappy readings and will have to see how long they last for myself.

There are definitely some battery reporting issues with SmartThings, many have had the same issue your seeing and I believe it’s mostly Zigbee battery powered devices that are having battery reporting issues. So yeah just wait it out.

Good to know. Thanks for the help.

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