New Iris motion sensors aren't detected

Hi all, relative newbie here. I have an extensive z-wave network of lights in my home, and four previous Iris motion sensors that were recognized with no real problems (as well as a couple of other zigbee plugs). I recently bought two more iris motion sensors (like the ones that I bought before, all 2nd gen, all bought directly from Lowe’s in the purple packages), and when I went to install them, nothing. They’re close to the hub, I tried many times to take out the batteries, hold the reset button while re-installing the batteries, and…nothing. Also tried resetting the hub. If no other problem-solving recs, and thoughts about other sensors I should try? Really bummed, since the others have worked great…

What is the model of the motion sensor? I know the one with just the L. Works fine but I see the new model with L2 and not sure anyone tried that yet.
Go into the app and see if you have any device called “thing”. Sometime you will get that and resetting the device won’t delete the thing in ST.

Dead or weak batteries? Could try switching batteries with one of your sensors that works. Though slim chance, probably.

how many total zigbee devices and how many zigbee plug in modules (or other repeaters)?

Only 4 ms and 3 plugs. But new ms’s are close to hub…

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I just bought the L2 model and it seems to work very well.
Set it up in my basement and it detects motion at 56 feet.
Seems to respond more quickly than my Aeon multisensor 6.
The only issue have had is that the battery came with just an 89 percent charge.

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Good to know that the L2 version remains compatible. Are there any visible differences aside from packaging? That battery indication is normal for an Iris sensor with a fairly fresh battery; I don’t think I’ve ever had one show 100% after a battery replacement for more than a day or two. It may drop again fairly quickly to 78% and remain there for months.

I never tried the L version, just this L2.
From the images I have seen online, they look identical.
I will probably be purchasing a couple more of these.