Iris Motion Sensors V2 - Not working 7/16/18

I have a few of the Iris motion sensors that have worked since the day I got them, months ago. They paired right away with ST. Tonight neither are responding properly. Batteries show good in ST (not sure if that is accurate though).

Anyone else having issues or just me?

It may be worth forcing a ZigBee mesh repair.

Unplug your Hub (and remove batteries) for at least 15 to 20 minutes, then plug in again.

Otherwise, you may have to try “remove & rejoin” individual sensors.

Try a new battery in one of them to see if that helps or not.

Any chance you moved any other zinger equipment recently? Or changed anything about your home WiFi network?

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Thanks guys. Nothing changed here, but I will have to look at it more tomorrow. Hoping it’s just a short term glitch. Otherwise I will try the battery and/or the repair/remove/add.

They started working a little better, but there just seems to be a delay. They just don’t seem to be reporting motion/no motion quickly…or sometimes at all tonight.

There was nothing moving in the room and it took over 15 minutes for the sensor to show no motion. Just odd behavior for these.

As Terry said, mesh issues might be the cause If both sensors started acting up at the same time. A possible cause might be that they both are joined as child devices of a zigbee repeater (maybe a smart outlet or bulb) that is having issues of its own and might not be relaying their data to the hub.

Not knowing how your mesh is mapped out its hard to say for sure, but if you think that scenario might apply look at unplugging/replugging something you suspect might be a repeater for these devices (maybe by restarting its Zigbee module in this way the problem might go away) or if the issue persists, resetting/rejoining it to the network. Also be on the lookout for some new source of interference that may be affecting it.

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And keep in mind a new source of interference may not even be from equipment you own. Depends whether you have neighbors close by with WiFi, a smart power meter, etc.