Possible Repeater Problem

I have talked about this issue in 2 other threads (Iris Motion & Bosch Motion), but realized tonight I think the issue might be unrelated to those devices, so thought I should make a new thread.

I had 2 motion sensors in my basement have a problem where they keep registering motion where none is occurring (nor any major heat changes), and it happens consistently. For the Bosch it is every 3 min since that is the min timeout. For the Iris it varies from 1-3 minutes. I have noticed if a different type of event (temp change or battery level) is recorded it seems to stop briefly, but then resumes. I have found that when I bring them back upstairs sometimes they behave and sometimes not. I have other devices in the basement that are working great. 2 Iris motion, 2 Sengled Bulb, and 1 Centralite outlet. I also have Z-wave devices down there and those are fine too. It dawned on me that maybe this is a repeater problem, but that doesn’t make sense if all the other devices are working fine. I also recently upgraded to Google Wifi and have a hub down there so maybe that’s a factor. Tonight I reset the Centralite outlet and also powered the hub off for 20 min to do a zigbee heal. Bosch sensor now works fine downstairs but the Iris was still acting up so I brought upstairs and it started to behave. Took it back downstairs and its behaving there too. Its all just so very weird. Anyone have any suggestions?


What zigbee repeaters do you have deployed?

I’m not home to check model, but they are the Centralite sockets that you can buy at My Digital Discount. Looking at my order history it might be 4257050-ZHACE.

Overnight the Bosch was solid, no motion at all, but the Iris registered false motion. Much slower though. Sometimes an hour apart, some tomimes 15 min, and sometimes 1-3 min.

Both have now been downstairs all morning and happily not triggering any motion. If they act up again, which I am certain they will, I think i will try and sit them next to one of the other ones in the basement that is not acting up. Maybe they really are picking up some external stimuli I am not aware of.

EDIT: So I think I figured out what it is. I think it is the fact that the sensors were so close to the router. I took them back downstairs tonight and the Iris started acting up but the Bosch did not. I took them both to the other side of the room and they stopped falsely registering motion. The only thing that changed in “issue” corner of the room was putting the new G Wifi hub right near it.