Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 Not sensing Motion Help

Hi all I have had a few customers email saying some or all of their Bosch Motion Sensors are setting up properly and working just fine but after 6Hrs to some number of days they simply stop detecting. According to one person having this issue the temperature readout is the only thing that works. The other person with this problem says if they reset the device it will work again but then stop working at a later date.

If anyone had this issue and found a fix or knows what the problem may be please share.

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I’m having the same issue with my Bosch motion detectors. They detect motion for “a while”, then stop, only reporting back temperature. If I remove them from my smart things hub, and re-add them, they again work for a while, and then stop. Any suggestions? Were you able to resolve this?

Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13

I have the same issue… anyone know the fix?? For me it is like after one day until it stopped reporting motion, only temperature…

Just want to ‘me too’ on this. Pretty sure mine have been working for a few months, but just noticed that only 2 of 7 are currently reporting motion. Popped a couple off the wall and did the walk test and the units themselves are picking up motion fine. Seems that they are not reporting it back to ST very well, though.

Me too. No more motion, just temp.

Me Too. Detects motion during Walk Test, but only detects Temp in Smartthings. I have two ISW-ZPR1-WP13 and one is still working properly.

Same here. Happened to all 3 of mine. Open to ideas!

maybe try the custom device handler on here for them? Switch to Smart Sense motion detector for type and see if that works. I believe it will be local instead of cloud at that point

The fact that Bosch Motion Sensor can stop detecting motion without warning is a BIG hole if you want to use a network of these for security. You may be lulled into a false sense of security - when in fact they will not post motion in case of home intrusion.

The fact that it keeps reporting temperature tells me that the connection between Smarthub and the Sensor is not the issue.

Is this a problem of the device or an issue with the handler? Most of us apparently use the handler written by Tomas Axerot (Thanks Tomas!)

Same here. After reset it started working again.

I have 4 of these sensors working without issue for about 6mos… I keep an eye on them in the WebCore dashboard to see when they trigger … motion is triggered every three minutes as expected (as per firmware limitations it only reports movement that often).

I am NOT using the recommended DTH but rather the SmartSense Motion Sensor (built in to ST / Local) for mine

Perhaps there is a bad batch out there, but I have yet to experience any issues with the ones here …

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How did you set it up that way?

In what way? I have a sensor at each end of a long hallway positioned about 6-7 feet from the floor. I went into the IDE selected each of the sensors and changed the device type to SmartSense motion sensor and saved.

I use WebCore to manage all the lights in a single huge piston - here is the jist
(at night)
If Any of Motion1 or Motion2 become active and LIGHT Level is not 10%
Capture current light state to local store
Turn on Hallway Lights
wait 210sec
Restore level from local store

I changed the device type, do I have to remove and add it again or should it just start working? still getting same result as earlier

How do you go through the remove process do you just force it to remove in the App? or is there a button to use on the motion device?

I am also having the same issue. I ordered two exactly two months ago and it started giving the problem around 20 days back where it doesn’t report the motion. If you pair it again then it works for 2-3 days then again stop reporting motion. Ironically this supposed to be smart device. I have sent an email to mydigitaldiscount team to help. lets see what happens but I am not happy with this product at this time.

Hi John this is an old thread but are yours still working? I have one from 2 years ago it’s solid using the customer firmware. Only issues is I purchased 2 new ones and I can’t add them. They just down show up when I “add a thing”. It looks like you did not use the custom DTH. Any instructions you might have would be useful.

I have 6 of these Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 Zigbee motion sensors. Following the instructions from (Tomas Axerot device handler), I was able to integrate them with my SmartThings hub v2015. This was several years ago using the only SmartThings app at the time, now renamed SmartThings Classic. These sensors were probably my most reliable of all the various brands/types I use, and the 4x AA batteries lasted well over a year.

I experienced the exact issue described here and couldn’t fix it for more than a year. Essentially, the sensors continued to provide temperature updates but failed to report motion. With fresh batteries or sometimes reseating the existing batteries, I could get each sensor to work just as it should, but after some time (two to six weeks?), each sensor would stop reporting motion to SmartThings. The temperature continued to be reported. New batteries refreshed the sensor to working nominally again, before failing to report motion without any error or warning.

Proposed solution:
It took a long time for me to notice the trend, but many of my other ZigBee sensors were also failing to communicate properly with the SmartThings hub. These problems appeared to be more intermittent and were not consistent with the Bosch motion sensors’ issue. However, I believe that my ZigBee wireless range was suffering due to other 2.4 GHz WiFi “noise” (non-ZigBee communications). After reading the following SmartThings blog post

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters,

I realized that I did not have any mains-powered ZigBee devices aside from the SmartThings hub. This meant that all of my ZigBee sensors distributed throughout the home could only communicate with the hub directly. Thankfully, simple solutions were found within the blog post linked above. The first was to increase the separation distance of my SmartThings hub from other wireless devices, primarily a Wi-Fi router. The more substantial remedy was to increase the ZigBee network range by using repeaters, which most mains-powered ZigBee devices are. I purchased a two-pack of the Innr Zigbee Smart Plug and placed them carefully between my Bosch motion sensors and the SmartThings hub. I had to reseat the batteries within each motion sensor (did not replace because the old batteries were nearly fully charged), and then all of my ZigBee sensors started working again. They have continued to work now for about a month.

If you are experiencing similar ZigBee communication issues, I would recommend purchasing mains-powered ZigBee devices that can act as repeaters. These repeaters should be placed strategically between the ZigBee sensors failing to communicate and the SmartThings hub. I was hesitant to purchase the smart plugs noted above due to warnings from other forum posts, but they have worked great in my home. I was most interested in the IKEA repeaters and plugs that are not advertised as ZigBee but known to work. Unfortunately, delivery of those devices was estimated as months, and I did not have a store nearby. In the future, I will probably purchase a couple of these the next time I order from IKEA because they are quite inexpensive.