Bosch ISW-ZPIR-WP13 Motion won't trigger after initial setup

There where a few other posts talking about the sensor stopping to work. My scenario is slightly different. The device registers with SmartThings just fine, I am using the custom handler by Scott Lemon (adding minimum duration). I also tried using the native Motion Sensor handler both seem to have little to do with the issue (although, what do I know :-).

When the device is reset (remove batteries etc.) I get the two blinks after inserting the battery and releasing the tamper switch quickly. The system then goes into walk mode, during which I can see that the red indicator on the sensor is detecting when I move. I let the system sit for the prescribed 80 seconds after which I get a series of quick blinks. So far, all as expected. I engage the lock (or not, no difference), and now expect to see motion events when I move. However, nothing happens, no blinking indicator on the sensor, no zigbee events. The trigger never happens, I waited for 3+ minutes to make sure it’s not the forced delay.

What am I missing?! I have two units, both misbehaving the same way. I have a fair amount of Zigbee devices on my network (~ 15, which should be below the 32 mx limit, plus I do have repeaters in the system). I am doing the testing right next to my SmartThings hub, so no distance issue. Batteries are fresh and tested.

Does anyone here have any idea? I am about ready to throw them away and declare defeat.


Read this post, is this the behavior you are seeing?

Perhaps I’ll save you a lot of reading. I have two of these devices functioning exactly like your devices switched to the local SmartSense Multi Sensor device type.

After the walk around, they no longer blink, report motion for perhaps 8 seconds, then show inactive, and report again in 3 minutes or so. Fine for alarm motion detection, not good for occupancy sensors.

Ha, YES, the no blinking part was what I was missing and what set me on the path of frustration! Looking at the activity log I can see them both reporting, the SmartThings dashboard wasn’t updating for me either, something I noticed before for other devices, but didn’t connect. So everything is good at this point, thank you for the advice/help.

It all came together when my experimental “turn on the lights when there is motion in the hallway” triggered in the night because I got up due to some noise in front of the house (I left that enabled because I figured the sensors where dead anyways :-).


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