Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 motion detector edge driver ST hub v3

And this happened with the V3 Samsung Station Hub? For some reason no matter how many times I reset and put into pairing mode the Hub will not recognize it :frowning: Even after i installed all the above drivers.

This is the specific one I have.

I have v2 so not sure on the one you have. Did you do the reset on the motion detector itself? I had it paired previously via the older driver integration and it didnt pair to the new driver until I had reset the device.

I have 6 of these all working using the driver outlined above. These are the steps I use to pair the device:

Bosch Pro-Grade ZigBee Wireless Motion Detector ISW-ZPR1-WP13—

  1. Remove back cover.
  2. Remove top battery on each side.
  3. Make certain bottom batteries are pushed down into place.
  4. Wait 20 seconds at least.
  5. Line up top batteries into place but do not let positive touch.
  6. Put hub into pairing mode. Use Bosch Radion PIR ZB Wireless Motion Detector.
  7. Hold down tamper switch.
  8. Flip the sensor over so the side where you insert the batteries is facing up. Tamper switch should be away from you. Tamper switch is at 12 o’clock and right battery is at 3 o’clock and left battery is at 9 o’clock. Insert right battery and then left battery.
  9. Release tamper switch You only have 4 seconds from the time you input the right top battery until you release the tamper switch.
  10. After pairing, put back cover on.
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You did this using the hub v3 the one I provided link to above? No matter what I try it seems to not recognize it and I’m very sure the device is being put into pairing mode correctly.

when you do this procedure do any lights blink to indicate pairing mode? Only time i get any lights is after i put back cover on?

Anyone has issue with their Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 recently? After update the Edge driver, they are good for few months. Now all my 4 Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 stop working. They all said Waiting Zigbee message

Then I deleted one, but can’t pair it anymore. SmartThings hub can’t find it.

Mine is still working. What driver are you using?

I’m using Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc

I have four that were working perfectly but three are now having issues. All are using the Zigbee Motion Sensor MC driver.
One is stuck with “motion detected” since this AM. A second is one showing a history of “motion” then “no motion” continuously since this AM. The third hasn’t show any motion even though I was walking around it all day. The fourth is working perfectly.

Update. I removed the top two batteries for two minutes in the one stuck showing motion. It’s now working properly. The one showing constant motion/no motion and the one not detecting motion started working properly without me doing anything.

You guys having problems with your device on the Zigbee Motion Sensor MC driver might have better luck asking questions in the thread for the driver itself. The developer is one of the more active folks on the forum and very responsive…

Good luck!