Bluetooth module instead of the WiFi module

Hello everyone!

I’m considering using a bluetooth module for wireless communication in my project, but I have some doubts about whether the bluetooth module can replace the wifi module. I hope that experienced seniors can share some insights and experiences on this issue.

First of all, my project needs to achieve short-distance communication between devices, such as transmitting a small amount of data or control instructions. In this case, can the bluetooth module meet the communication needs?

If I choose to use a Bluetooth module, what factors do I need to consider? For example, the choice of Bluetooth module, connection stability, data transmission rate and so on.

Finally, I would be very grateful if some seniors can share some actual cases or experiences about the replacement of WiFi modules by Bluetooth modules. By understanding the practical application, I believe I can make a better decision on whether to use a Bluetooth module for my communication needs.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. It is not a general automation forum.

When being used with Samsung SmartThings ™ , you will almost always have many more home automation options with a Wi-Fi device than with a Bluetooth device. although Samsung smartthings hubs do have a Bluetooth radio, it’s only used when onboarding a device, so the only other integration with Bluetooth is either through a separate bridge or through a galaxy phone.

So for the purposes of this forum, the answer is pretty much always going to be Wi-Fi if you are selecting between interchangeable modules.

So it sounds like you would probably be better off at a Home Automation forum that covers all brands and all protocols. The Reddit subforum is good for this:

Otherwise, maybe a maker or robotics forum, depending on the details of your project.

Since I myself was a network engineer before I ever started using smartthings for home automation, I’ll give you a bit broader answer.

Wi-Fi uses 10 to 15 times as much power as Bluetooth, which is why there are very few battery powered Wi-Fi devices that don’t need recharging every couple of days.

However, Wi-Fi can handle much more data, has a much longer range, and is generally better at staying connected, although that can vary.

So, as with most things regarding radio frequencies, selection depends very much on the details of the use case. If you’re building a door sensor and you want the batteries to last for at least a year, it’s much more likely that you would choose Bluetooth over Wi-Fi. But if you’re building a garden sensor that might be 500 m from the main house, you’re probably going to go with Wi-Fi, but make it mains powered.

Also, if you care, there is a new industry standard called matter and at the time of this writing that will be easier to implement over Wi-Fi. But again you could use a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi bridge if you wanted.

Anyway, good luck with your project. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of interesting suggestions and opinions once you find the right forum. :sunglasses: