How can i connect my wifi device to Smart Things?


I have a WiFi module with a controller. I need to use this device as a Smart Things end device and send some data to cloud. How can i communicate to cloud over WiFi. I don’t have any hub with me. I can connect my WiFi module to any Access point with Internet . So i need to get a basic idea on how can create my end device without any hub. Which protocol i need to use for communicating to Cloud.? Is that possible without any Hub? Is that possible with a WiFi module? I have seen in Smart Things documentation section 8.4 , it is possible without a Hub. But there is no enough information on that.

Please help.
Thanks in advance

Not sure what section 8.4 refers to, but this is a good place to look for info. The general idea is that you create a custom smartapp (runs in the cloud) which has some HTTP endpoints exposed. After doing the OAuth dance, your custom device can use HTTP PUT/GET calls to interact directly with the SmartApp running in the cloud.

In order to connect your custom WiFi gizmo into an ST device handler, you should follow the service manager design pattern. The custom smartapp you write can create a child device (or devices) and handle the data flow between the ST device type and your gizmo.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a super-easy way to accomplish device-to-cloud communication. The docs do have all the required info, but it’s not simple. Just keep reading over them, play with some of the contained examples, and you’ll get it!

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