Looks like Jasco /GE is going Bluetooth

(Joel W) #1

GE/Jasco has released smarthome products that are Bluetooth. I think it is time for ST to give us our bluetooth.

(Ben Lebson) #2

They have Z-wave, Bluetooth and ZigBee versions of all of their switches. They are releasing new Z-wave+ switches very soon.

(Beckwith) #3

I don’t really see Bluetooth bring much to the home automation niche until the mesh protocol is embraced.

(Ray) #4

Especially they just announced Bluetooth 5.0 and nothing about mesh at all.


Bluetooth mesh isn’t quite due yet.


(Joel W) #6

That is great news to say the least!


Would a Bluetooth connected switch be more appealing than a WiFi connected switch?

Out of interest what do you think would be the advantages of a Bluetooth switch over WiFi or other home automation protocols?


WiFi generally draws much more power than Bluetooth. Typical Wi-Fi switch six times as much power as a typical Z wave switch, and a bluetooth switch might be even a little bit less.

Granted, we’re down under 2 W even for the Wi-Fi switch, but it still makes a difference to some people.

Then there’s the fact that you have a limited number of addresses to give out on your Wi-Fi network. The exact amount varies but will always be less than 255. That may sound like a lot, but when you’re talking light switches and outlets, you can run the number up pretty fast.

Different setups will work for different households. :sunglasses:


Thanks for that JDRoberts, very useful to know.

(Joel W) #10

Anyone know when the Bluetooth will be turned on in the firmware?