Looks like Jasco /GE is going Bluetooth

GE/Jasco has released smarthome products that are Bluetooth. I think it is time for ST to give us our bluetooth.

They have Z-wave, Bluetooth and ZigBee versions of all of their switches. They are releasing new Z-wave+ switches very soon.

I don’t really see Bluetooth bring much to the home automation niche until the mesh protocol is embraced.


Especially they just announced Bluetooth 5.0 and nothing about mesh at all.

Bluetooth mesh isn’t quite due yet.


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That is great news to say the least!

Would a Bluetooth connected switch be more appealing than a WiFi connected switch?

Out of interest what do you think would be the advantages of a Bluetooth switch over WiFi or other home automation protocols?

WiFi generally draws much more power than Bluetooth. Typical Wi-Fi switch six times as much power as a typical Z wave switch, and a bluetooth switch might be even a little bit less.

Granted, we’re down under 2 W even for the Wi-Fi switch, but it still makes a difference to some people.

Then there’s the fact that you have a limited number of addresses to give out on your Wi-Fi network. The exact amount varies but will always be less than 255. That may sound like a lot, but when you’re talking light switches and outlets, you can run the number up pretty fast.

Different setups will work for different households. :sunglasses:

Thanks for that JDRoberts, very useful to know.

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Anyone know when the Bluetooth will be turned on in the firmware?