Blynk. It's like SmartThings, only better

For all you tinkerers out there, check this out. It’s pretty darn amazing. :+1:


How is this like SmartThings ? No z-wave, No Zigbee

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There’s more to IoT than Zigbee and Z-Wave. :smile:

A good deal of discussions on this forum is about controlling and monitoring things that are neither Zigbee or Z-Wave, but like I said, it was for tinkerers. The consumer crowd can move right along, nothing to see here. :smile:

I feel insulted, you calling me a consumer?

My point is I would love to replace Smart Things with something better but I have over $1500 worth of zwave devices in my home.

I only have one Raspberry Pi :smile:

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. :slight_smile:

I did not suggest you replace your extensive Z-Wave network with Blynk, but there many people who use SmartThings as a doorway to the IoT world due to its fairly open architecture and some DIY traits, like ThingShield. My point is that there may be better alternatives for those folks.

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Like OpenHub, maybe?