Bloomsky Weather Station

How long did it take you to get the approval? I just applied for one myself…

about a week for me. I think they are approving in batches

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Well I think I missed the first one but the second one I put in for took less then a day. Either way check your SPAM folder. Thats where mine was.

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…I don’t know about the possible temp issues. It is spot on with what Weather Underground says I am supposed to be at.[/quote]

As I’m sure everyone in a place like this already knows, Weather Underground also has a ‘community-based’ weather network where people can connect their weather stations (from many different makers) to their Weather Underground account and their station’s data becomes part of the Weather Underground network.

So (not likely, but just sayin…), if the WU-PWS (Weather Underground Personal Weather Station) which you are comparing with is somebody else that mounted theirs to their house, it’s entirely possible that the temp readings you’re getting from WU are skewed too (whenever I’m setting up something that relies on weather reports/forecasts that will get its data from WU, I usually take a look at it on Google Maps sat view and street view to try to locate it, and then, go for a drive around the neighborhood to see it in person; so that I know if it’s in a situation where its data may be compromised at all).

I assume they have something in one of their algorithms to accommodate this potential temp variance (most likely comparing like units in the same area; another reason why they want to have many of these things out there, and also why you may see people getting free ones in neighborhoods where they already have a BloomSky unit displaying on the map).

I know for sure that WU has a couple things you can configure in a WU-PWS account to help with these kinds of issues (what brand/model of hardware, what type of surface it is mounted to and number of feet from the ground) so that others know what kind of environment it is sitting in AND to help their algorithms make more accurate calculations (though, not sure if anyone else ever really enters anything in that field).

I played with it a little bit. I put a ‘smart’ temp monitor outside (thinking that I could use an outdoor temp monitor as my WU-PWS), and discovered that the temp readings were significantly different when sitting right next to the house vs out a few feet away from it (also, it’s under a porch. So, I know there aren’t any issues related to direct sunlight on the mounting surface or anything like that).

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So you can connect the Bloomsky to weather underground as a PWS. Now is there a device type for a weather underground PWS to pull in Bloomsky data that way?

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Instructions here:

Then use pws:stationid where it asks for zip code.

Do I need to change the device type code at all. Or just place the ID in place of the zip in the pref area? Because that doesn’t seem to work.

I didn’t change any code. Here’s what mine looks like…


About 2 days as I recall. I applied about 5 days ago.

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Ahhhhhh. It works. Didn’t realize the PWS: part needed to be there

I didn’t actually know the BloomSky could be connected to WU as a PWS, but if so, then that means that two major weather networks will (or, at least, could) benefit from the advent of this new device (i.e. I assume you can have it connected to both). Cool!

EDIT: I just looked in my PWS on WU, and BloomSky is indeed in the list of hardware.

p.s. I just got a notification from UPS that there is a package from BloomSky on it’s way. Yay!

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Mine shipped today. :slightly_smiling: Hoping it comes by the end of nest week.

What do you mean you missed the first one. You applied multiple times?

I did because I applied over a week ago and never saw it come through, I had cleared out my SPAM folder since then and can only assume it got tossed as I didn’t think to look there for it. So I used a different email the second time and it showed up in Spam within a day or so.

I couldn’t help but move it. It’s on there solid, but this summer I am going to build a different bracket. I moved to the eve that was previously above it.

The cord from the solar panel is 6 ft long, I measured it when I moved it.


The temp when I did my changes was 48 according to Bloomsky, 48 on WU, Foreca said it was 44 with a feels like of 50, and Accuweather said it was 50 with a feels like of 47. So they all average to the same?

Maybe Netatmo needs to give us some free devices now, you know, for science and stuff… :sunny:


I wonder what kind of range these have. I have a shed about 100 feet from my house that would be a perfect mounting point

Wifi is the limiting factor. If you have Wifi out there it will work.

mine shipped today woot!!! $20 for a weather station with the only caveat being they get to have access for 6 months not too shabby.Jsut put it on the isolated guest network for security and call it a day.


Seems like the distance you created from the house with that slick bracket may be sufficient (for our generalized purposes) to mitigate most of any heat that could otherwise be skewing its readings. I mean, of course, the scientist in me says it could still be picking up radiation from the house, but wow…what…maybe half a degree or something? Ya, I think you’re set.

Now my only question is…"How windy is it where you live?"
I may find it hard to keep it on the house if I were to mount it like that in my area.

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